Sms truancy alert expanded to 400 schools across UK

Sms truancy alert expanded to 400 schools across UK

Boys can be forced to wear headphones when a teacher is wearing headphones in class, an education watchdog has revealed.

An inquiry into schools has revealed the Department for Education (DfE) is currently testing whether boys in class wear headsets while pupils learn about the world.

The hearing heard a school in Oxfordshire was being investigated by DfE for allowing two teacher to wear headphones in class without consent because the pupils were bei울산출장안마ng distracted.

In the report, the hearing is also concerned about the effect these headsets can have on the pupil’s hearing.

It is also concerned by how teachers were expected to be impartial in this issue when making their decisions.

The DfE’s national head teacher network warned boys could be forced to wear headphones if they were wearing headphones while listening to music a나비야t the time, which is illegal under the law in England and Wales.

The investigation revealed that boys can now be referred to specialist counsellors who would deal with the issue.

All schools and teachers within the country should conduct these tests, it adds.

The inquiry follows revelations that at least 10,000 teachers in England are using devices such as portable screens which allow them to record audio and play it back during classes.

Boys could also be forced to wear headphones, the DfE has been told, due to their “unprotected listening position”.

The Government is yet to make a policy on how to stop boys using headphones in class, although plans to create a national policy have been drawn up.

‘Numb to new technology’

However, there are fears that the Government will not put pressure on schools to make sure teachers are wearing headsets in the classroom.

Dr Alistair McGeeny, an executive director of schools and parents’ rights group the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), told the hearing there was a danger it could create a “new and slippery slope” where even those with headphones can be forced to wear them when it comes to their learning.

‘We have teachers, and then we have the teachers who are in classrooms with headphones,’ said one parent, who was unable to hear a boy saying something wh시흥출장마사지en he was teaching a class.

‘It was deafening when the teacher turned off the headphones, but what they should have been able to hear is the pupil saying, ‘OK ma’am, you’ll make the pupil comfortable by turning on th

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