Parole granted for man jailed over wife’s murder

Parole granted for man jailed over wife’s murder

A 20-year-old British national who had been living in Iraq since 2005 was granted a conditional pardon after admitting to taking part in the killing of his wife’s mother-in-law.

Stephen William Higgs, who used the name Richard Thomas, entered a plea of guilty in December 2014 to murdering his 40-year-old wife, Amanda Rotherham, in her Sheffield home on February 16, 2013.

Higgs said he had stabbed his wife when she tried to escape the house. He had killed her just before 11pm the night before on March 7, 2013.

A total of 28,000 people have been released on terms of the conditional pardon on compassionate grounds this year.

Higgs had been living in Iraq for a year when he was stopped by police after attempting to smuggle 4kg of marij서산출장마사지 서산출장안마uana into the country. He has since been released with a $250,000 bond.

He was ordered by the judge to pay a $500,000 bail and was banned from re-entering Britain for SM 카지노10 years.

Judge Peter Lawden-Thomas said Higgs had made no admissions to police, that he was a national of Iraq, and was given a conditional pardon by Mr Justice John Williams, QC for the case.

He said Higgs had pleaded guilty under his full name on the basis he had no option but to a해운대안마dmit the charges against him.

“I do not understand how your character can be so totally and irretrievably changed by such a horrific crime,” Judge Lawden-Thomas said.

Mr Justice Williams said: “These are very severe and serious charges. To have you sentenced for having the crime of murder on your conscience and to have that person who was sentenced to death sentenced to life in prison – without any explanation of how that will apply to you – is very troubling indeed.”

The judge sentenced Higgs to two consecutive terms of 16 years in prison.

He did not elaborate or specify if he thought Higgs was likely to recant, but it was possible. The terms will expire in May.

Judge Williams said sentencing Mr Higgs to that period of two consecutive terms for murder would be consistent with the guidelines for convicted murder suspects.

Higgs admitted that he had been in a gang and had been previously convicted of carrying out a number of violent sexual assaults on male victims.

Higgs had also been involved in a number of firearms offences including an automatic gun


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