Alonso fastest in brazil practice with the car

Alonso fastest in brazil practice with the car

“In qualifying, I felt very confident and a lot of fun on the front. The car has very good stability and it’s not too much for me t오바마 카지노o understand that it’s going to lose an engine.”

At the start of 수원안마the session, Alonso explained the challenge ahead for him.

“It’s one I think I’ll win. I’m not the fastest, but that’s what it is. I’ve done this a few times now. I know it can be possible but at the moment I think I’m doing OK.

“I want to be in the points, I think it’s still possible, but I’m still getting good work for the car to go in and score points and take out the top 3, so I’m just a bit disappointed at the start because it wasn’t an easy one.

“The car’s good. I feel more than fine. If I did something, I’ll be fine. But the last weekend, it’s been a bit of a struggle. There’s a bit more that I need to improve on. But it’s going well and it feels good and fun.

“Hopefully I will do better this weekend and that’s the aim, because I have no real choice, I can’t do that, I’m finished here. If I can do that, I’ll do another race. But it’s not something we’re planning, we’re not doing that, it’s not on the menu.”

A disappointing final day in Brazil?

At the start of the session, Alonso said he didn’t have any expectations for his final time at the Bahraini Grand Prix, because he didn’t know what he was doing with his car.

“No, I wasn’t looking forward to what I saw today,” Alonso said. “I was quite surprised with the whole qualifying experience.

“With a car like this, if you get some bad runs, it’s hard to get anything out of it. It’s just so different, it’s so different. The first qualifying was so difficult, it was frustrating. But, in practic부천출장마사지e, it was really good and I feel even more confident.

“I didn’t know I was going to start so early and I think I could go faster so early if I need to, but after that, the cars weren’t doing anything.

“If I do that, I will try to keep the car stable. If there’s a race, this i

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