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The PC world doesn’t have a thing much like this iPad Mini. That’s a problem. Simply ask Intel. Apple Walk to any Best Buy and you’re hit with a nasty reality: PCs aren’t pretty. A 15-inch HP Windows 8 laptop that sells for $270 (Best Buy’s”Deal of the Day” on Saturday) isn’t supposed to be fairly. It’s assumed to be all more sensible. However, a 330 iPad Mini is also quite practical for a good deal of people. And quite too (consumers and reviewers seem to believe so). Pretty and functional are two reasons Apple can sell tens of a large number of Minis. Why bring it up? I was struck by a statement in the Intel executive in the chipmaker’s London Analyst Summit this past week. He had been talking about why customers aren’t upgrading their PCs at the speed they did before and, rather than opting to buy tablets. “We haven’t had goods on the market that were persuasive whatsoever… from a type factor perspective,” he explained. That is brutal honesty coming in the general director of The Ugly Truth concerning Monitors Intel’s The Ugly Truth about Monitors Mobile Client Platform division. The PC world isn’t very good at providing you both cost and pulchritude. HP is getting near, together with all the 600 Envy x2 tablet-laptop hybridvehicle. But not near enough on cost. And if Acer’s $400 Iconia W510 tablet computer is cheap, it is barely an iPad Mini. At greater prices, Apple design is hard to beat. The MacBook Air, as it erupts in 2008, changed laptop layout nearly singlehandedly. And it is still quite popular, starting at $ You can find PCs that compete with all the Air, of course. The Acer Aspire S7 trademark ultrabook is alluring and has been well received. And ditto to get Dell’s XPS 13. But so far there’s been no”shape factor,” as the Intel executive put it, that can compete with all the iPad. Here’s a suggestion: A 400 Surface packaging Intel’s upcoming quad-core Bay Route system-on-a-chip. Or better still, $300. That will shake things up. I’m sure readers will probably think about a lot more ideas. A less expensive Microsoft Surface tablet with new Intel chips may reset the market. CNET Recent Posts


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