Sentencing study confirms doubts police had as to what to charge

Sentencing study confirms doubts police had as to what to charge

Hillsborough: The state of the case that led to the controver창원출장샵 sial death of teenager

Hillsborough: A year after the tragedy, more than 400 inquests are still underway

But that was just one of the concerns. In January 2015, then-police chief Sir David Mellor said a full investigation into the death was now needed. That same month, a team of coroners led by Professor Michael Wilshaw announced the investigation had been completed, but the findings were not made public.

The investigation into the teenager’s death found that there were problems with the forensic evidence at the stadium where the football club’s games w강원 랜드 바카라ere broadcast, and the cause of death had not been established. A judge heard that two police officers had been given a five-day training course on handling evidence of such a sensitive nature, and had been warned against making statements about the accident without the facts and independent evidence.

At the inquest, the coroner said the inquest was not the final word because he had given evidence at the former chief coroner’s ruling. In his view, there were still questions and that he should be treated as an officer who is required to uphold the recommendations of his predecessors.

The inquiry was launched in July 2014 and concluded a year later, just over half a year after the death.

The family of the teenager, David Hurst, said the decision was a disappointment as the inquest concluded the inquest should have been called.

A spokesperson for Hillsborough Legacy Society, which had prev천안출장업소iously raised the questions about a lack of transparency from the then Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Saunders at the inquiry, said the fact the full report had been made public was a victory for the family.

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